Drawings by

Georgia Hrubiak



My drawings are an installation within a frame. A few lines of floating thread, supported by the finest mesh which appears to vanish once framed in museum quality glass. Shadows are made and move across the frame as day light changes.

Drawing was something I did not enjoy until I tried with a sewing machine, and I discovered I was actually quite good at it. There’s something about the speed of the sewing machine, and the inability to stop and rub out a ‘mistake’, which forces you to take a risk and allow the thread to follow it’s own line. I honed my skill in life drawing classes, and went on to produce my first collection ‘Landscape’.

In March 2020 I was planning to relocate from Matlock, Derbyshire, to Lviv in Ukraine for an adventure, but the world went into lockdown… Over the last 2 years I have pursued emotional health and healing to further develop and grow as an artist, including releasing my series ’71 Days of Storm’, the journey of my miscarriage, and my first solo exhibition ‘Thirty’, showcasing the work produced in my 30th year



I created this collection to explore and capture the relationship between the dweller and the land they call home.


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Personal Stories

and Adding Layers

I believe that as humans, we have the power and choice to keep learning and developing, and as artists that has influence on the work we produce. I am on a journey in my own personal life to overcome the fears and barriers that stop me being fully me, and for each new season I am walking through, a new body of work flows out of who I am in that moment.

‘Breakfast In Montreal’ came from a time me and my husband went for breakfast on a celebratory trip to Canada, after a season of job uncertainty. There was a big family also sharing breakfast together – grandparents, parents, children – and having such a great time. 

The drawing that came out of that pictures the chaos from the event, but it also shows a much freer line representing the change in me and my personal journey. Learning to trust and choose peace, and let go control.

Lines of expressive, free, floating thread were drawn onto individual pieces of tulle, and layered up into the box frame, between multiple pieces of museum glass. 

Even in the chaos, we are learning and growing. Even in uncertainty, we are free to know peace.

Breakfast In Montreal – for sale


Pride in Each piece

Everyone has their own unique story, and it is an honour to be able to create a meaningful piece of art to represent the journey. I would love to hear your story, so please get in touch and we can chat about the process.

"When we first saw Georgia's work we were really excited about how it echoed some of Ben's grandfather's paintings, which we have on our walls. We asked her to create a piece of our family, including our dog Klem! She worked from a video clip and captured a us beautifully. The final piece is brilliant, we love it"
Kath Bransby
"Georgia's art and drawing style is amazing, I love the piece she made of Wendy, my Orpington Chicken"
Jess Withington
"I gave Georgia a number of photos from our holiday, and she created a piece just for us. The framing of the work is very unique"
Emma Walters